How much time do you need for set up & sound check?

We require a minimum of 1 hour to set up and sound check our equipment. We are of course sensitive to other elements of your evening and will only make noise when it is appropriate to do so.

What are your standard performance times?

Our standard performance times are 8pm - midnight, with a break somewhere in the middle, typically at the same time as the evening buffet if there is to be one.

I'm not sure what my timings are going to be yet, is there any flexibility on the standard timings?

We are more than happy to discuss different timings.

Can I pick the songs that you'll play on the night?

If there are a couple of songs in particular from our setlist that you would like us to perform - or perhaps avoid - then we are happy to oblige! There is no need to worry about choosing every song we play however as we are very experienced at getting a sense of what is working well for your guests.

Will you learn our first dance?

Absolutely! We want to make your reception as special as possible and we believe that performing your first dance is an important part of this.

Will the band provide background music during your break?

We have a playlist of popular upbeat songs that we use as background music during our break. If however you would like to make your own, we’d be happy to use that instead.

My venue has a 1am license, do you offer an extension to keep the night going until then?

Yes, our finish time can be extended until 1am. We can continue with our performance, or offer one hour of playlist music through our PA. Post-midnight finish times incur an additional charge and are dealt with on a case by case basis.

Which artists are you most influenced by?

Across our five band members we have a wide variety of tastes! We love Pop, Rock, R&B, Soul and Disco; Anything that makes you want to dance! Recently we have been enjoying artists such as The Weekend, Lizzo and Dua Lipa, and our favourite classics include Peter Gabriel, Prince, ABBA, Whitney Houston and Queen.

Can you provide a ceilidh set? If so, could you give us more information about this - how long does it last, what instruments do you play, can you call the dances for our guests?

We love performing ceilidh and unless requested otherwise, we always include some in our set. Typically we perform 3 - 4 dances (although we can perform more, or fewer, if you so wish!) mixed between our pop covers throughout the night. Our multi-talented singer Fiona can also play fiddle, and she leads the way with the rest of our band accompanying her. You needn’t worry about some guests being unfamiliar with Scottish dancing, as our drummer David is a fabulous caller and teaches each of our dances in detail, immediately before we perform them.

What do you think your clients love most about your performances?

Our setlist, and our energy! The feedback we receive most often from our lovely clients is how much they appreciate our choice of songs and that they keep their guests dancing all night. We also love to engage with our audiences so we are delighted to receive regular thanks for our communication and enthusiasm whilst on stage.

Do you offer any other add-on options?

We do! We offer ceremony and/or drinks reception performances involving piano, vocals and violin, to provide a touch of music throughout your day. Our daytime package can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Is all of the equipment (e.g. PA & lighting) included in your quote?

All of our equipment including PA system and lighting are included in our quote.

Do you have PAT Cert & PLI Insurance?

Yes, we have PAT certificates and Public Liability Insurance and we can happily provide these documents to your venue should they request them.